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Packaging under clean room conditions is mandatory for Inpakomed’s business relationships who set strict requirements as far as hygiene and low contamination of their products are concerned. Inpakomed provides a class 10.000 clean room (class 7 according to ISO 14644 Part 1). In common language: there must be less than 10.000 0.5 micron dust particles per cubic foot of the work environment. Considering that a normal work environment is generally characterised by even bigger dust particles reaching levels like 50 million units, it is clear that the clean room of Inpakomed meets the stated class conditions and receives the highest attention the possible.

Our activities consist of:

  • Soft blister packaging – Various sizes and types

    These packages are produced using Inpakomed’s Multivac FFS machines and are available in up to 20 different formats/sizes. Various packaging materials can be chosen depending both on the needs of the customer and on the intended sterilization method.

  • IBS Inpakomed Blister System

    IBS features a complete system of hard blister packaging. Follow IBS link for an overview of the sizes which are in stock. Other sizes are available as well and can be ordered.

    Check out “Hard Blister Skin Packaging” if the product needs to be fixed in the blister tray.


  • Hardblister skin packaging

    In this kind of packaging the tray is formed around the product. The packaged product remains therefore fixed in the blister. This packaging configuration is perfect for product ranges with various sizes such as screws or (little) implants.

  • Hard blister packaging – various sizes and types

    Hard blisters can either be produced using Inpakomed’s Multivac FFS machines or, for small production runs, the IBS range can be chosen as a suitable, more luxurious packaging solution (check out IBS Inpakomed Blister System).

  • Implant packaging

    (Little) implants can be packaged in blisters where, if needed, the tray can be formed around the product for fixation.

  • Vacuum packaging in both soft and hard blister

    Vacuum packaging can be produced either using Inpakomed’s machines or manually. Various sizes and packaging materials are available.

  • Laminate packaging

    Inpakomed keeps a broad range of types and sizes of packaging bags in stock. These are suitable for various sterilization processes:

    –          Laminate bags (suitable for steam and EtO sterilization)

    –          Tyvek pouches (suitable for plasma, EtO and irradiation sterilization)

    –          PAPE pouches (suitable for irradiation sterilization)

  • Procedure trays and sets assembly and packaging

    Over the years Inpakomed has gained extensive experience in the assembly and packaging of procedure trays and sets. These products can be packaged manually or with automated processes using packaging machines.

  • Flow-pack

    Inpakomed is equipped with 3 flow-pack machines for use with various types of foil. A broad range of package sizes can be produced to suit the different needs of the customers.

  • Various assembly activities

    Inpakomed can carry out assembly steps of products prior to packaging and when requested. In cooperation with the customer the assembly processes are introduced, implemented and optimized.

  • Various packing and repacking activities

    A broad range of (re)packing activities can be outsourced to Inpakomed.

  • Cleaning, disinfection, passivation

    A Miele medical instrument washer is also included among Inpakomed’s equipment. Used in combination with a variety of detergents the machine can be operated to clean, disinfect or even passivate products.

  • Laser marking of stainless steel and plastic

    Stainless steel products (e.g. orthopedic saw blades) and plastic items can be engraved using laser marking to provide the product with, for instance, logo’s, product information and batch data for improved traceability.

  • Shrink-wrap packaging

    Inpakomed can apply shrink-wrap as an overwrap on the unit boxes of the packaged products. Maximum box size which can be provided with shrink-wrap is 370x540x230mm.

  • Cellophane wrapping

    A cellophane wrap with or without tear-strip can be applied to the unit boxes resulting in a very professional finish of the packaged product.

  • Sterilisation and validation services

    Besides helping with choosing a suitable packaging configuration for the product, Inpakomed can arrange sterilization using the most common sterilization methods:

    Gamma irradiation sterilization

    Ethylene Oxide sterilization

    Steam sterilization

  • Warehousing and Transport

    When most  activities need to be outsourced to just one partner, Inpakomed can also arrange storage, order-picking and distribution/shipment for its customers.

Thanks to the assortment of hand sealers, vacuum sealers and thermoforming & heat sealing machines, Inpakomed offers both manual as well as automated assembly and packaging services for a wide range of medical devices. The company is particularly flexible when it comes to fulfilling customers’ and users’ specific assembly and packaging needs which originate from their own working procedures, especially in the case of high added value products. From single pouch packaging to packing in various types of transport boxes, and from assisting in logistic processes up to arranging sterilisation services in cooperation with qualified sterilization companies: for every issue there is a suitable solution, and Inpakomed is a reliable partner in delivering high-quality solutions.

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