Our organization

At Inpakomed we firmly believe in a horizontal organization. Inpakomed is part of the Brupak Group. All divisions of the Brupak Group follow the same principle and are all characterised by a horizontal organization.

The power of cooperation within Brupak ensures efficient cost structure. The investment in administrative systems is shared. This also applies to knowledge in that area. Another advantage of this setup is the interchangeability of staff so that we can respond quickly and accurately. All in all we are a young organization with a great history. Inpakomed BV was founded in 1992 to package for the medical sector and related markets.

By continuously investing in our machinery, quality systems and personnel, we achieve high quality and service levels for an efficient price for our customers.

Management: Pieter Bruins T +31 (0) 75 6400961
Sales: Pieter Bruins T +31 (0) 75 6400961
Production manager: Ronald Fredriks T +31 (0) 75 6570664
Planning: Frank Bras T +31 (0) 75 6229414
Logistics: Frank Bras T +31 (0) 75 6229414
Quality manager: Margherita Dalla Mura T +31 (0) 75 6470733
Purchasing: Pieter Bruins T +31 (0) 75 6400961
Administration: Danny Schuurman T +31 (0) 75 6400961
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